Surely most of us would agree that one of the best parts of attending a localization conference must be the opportunity to connect and chat with your peers in between keynote sessions and panel discussions. Whether it is tool suggestions picked up during a coffee break, asking for vendor recommendations at an after-party or just sharing the pain regarding impossible deadlines and client expectations with an understanding colleague - this is where you find the good stuff.

The idea of Loclab Afterhour is to have a regular digital Stammtisch providing a casual industry meetup opportunity similar to this - but in digital form. Each Afterhour features an initial thematic hook - or Lead-in - which will be briefly introduced and can then be hotly debated or completely ignored by participants.

If you have a Lead-in you would like to present at an upcoming Afterhour, feel free to submit it here. Remember – presenting a Lead-in does not require you to prepare a full-fledged presentation nor do you need to be a proponent of an idea or tool. Think of it as a conversation starter with your peers.

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On top of all, the whole thing is set up as Gather town instance, which I know many of you already enjoyed using as part of other digital events and I think is more than fitting given the video-game backdrop.