Refugee Crisis Calls for More Pashto, Dari Interpreters (

Organizations providing aid to Afghan refugees across the United States are struggling to keep up with the demand for language services for the recent influx of Afghans fleeing their home […]

UK Ministry of Defence Leaks Afghan Interpreters’ Identities (

A recent blunder by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence could have sever implications for Afghan interpreters seeking asylum in light of the recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. In an […]

Improving Diversity in the Field of Sign Language Interpreting (

Researchers at three British universities have recently released a study highlighting the need for improved diversity in the field of sign language interpreting and translation. The study, which was commissioned […]

Fix PRO Act and Reaffirm what California Got Right (

MultiLingual invites opinion pieces such as this one from our readers. To share your ideas please contact [email protected] Have you heard of the federal PRO Act? It takes its name […]

AMN Languages Services Reports on LEP in Healthcare (

AMN Languages Services, the division of AMN Healthcare that provides medical interpretation services, recently conducted a survey documenting the diversity of languages used in healthcare settings in the United States. […]

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Signed Languages (

The fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) are rapidly advancing — recent developments in these fields allow for individuals to translate human language into computer code […]

Norway Tenders Out USD 47m Interpreting Framework Agreement (

Norway’s Labor and Welfare Authority (NAV) has started its search for interpretation providers for a framework agreement worth an estimated  EUR 40m (NOK 417m). Providers have until August 18, 2021 […]

Afghan Interpreters Seek Special Immigrant Visas

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in April and has been updated. The Biden administration announced on July 8 that flights to evacuate some Afghan interpreters who have applied […]

Three More Years: thebigword’s Ministry of Justice Contract Just Got Extended – via

Leeds-based language service provider (LSP), thebigword, has landed a three-year extension to the UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ) interpretation contract it was awarded in 2016, according to a February 3, […]

Behind the Scenes of the European Parliament’s Pivot to Remote Interpreting – via

The European Parliament (EP) has adopted a new platform for remote interpretation, a move necessitated and accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Anna Grzybowska, the EP’s Director for Conference […]