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The Slator Pro Guide: Becoming an Effective Localization Buyer highlights key changes in localization operations and provides valuable tools and insights to help localization buyers — and the LSPs that […]

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A few weeks ago we received a compelling question from one of our customers about email localization and felt this was a good venue to share a few of our […]

Open World E07 Ft. Kate Edwards – LocFact #TheSims (

Alexis: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another LocFact. Loretta: Hi, guys. For today’s LocFact, we will be talking about a game that has sold enough copies to fill a small country, […]

Rikkert Engels with Maiju Nurminen, how to innovate your localization process for business growth (

It’s time for localization experts to stop working in isolation and begin having more thorough and meaningful conversations with their colleagues in international marketing, user experience (UX), and other key […]

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Francesca Di Marco, Internationalization Lead at Pinterest, was localization employee No. 1 at the creative social media platform (or “visual discovery engine” as the tech unicorn likes to put it). […]

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Zoo Digital, a Sheffield-based company providing localization and distribution services in the entertainment industry, announced on Aug. 23 that it expects its revenues to increase by at least 51% — […]

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A common saying in the language industry is that localization is best when it goes unnoticed. This reflects important lessons learned from the many costly translation marketing disasters that have […]

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Keywords Studios, a Dublin-based video game development company that provides localization services, recently released its half-year trading update, which shows a significant increase in revenue that exceeded the company’s expectations. […]

Brazilian General Data Protection Act (

Inspired by the European regulation (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR), the Brazilian General Data Protection Act (in Portuguese, LGPD, Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados) establishes rules on collecting, […]

The Search for Non-Binary Pronouns in Chinese (

As businesses strive to reach wider audiences, gender-inclusive language has become imperative. Businesses have learned that any association to bigotry, racism, or sexism, however unintentional or even well-intentioned, could tarnish […]