OpenAI Develops English to Code Translation System (

On Aug. 10, OpenAI released an improved version of its Codex AI model to developers — Codex AI can translate commands written in natural, conversational language into computer code. Codex […]

Reader Polls: Should Translators Learn to Code? Is Creative MT an Oxymoron?

Slator’s Academia section came alive this spring and summer with news of two prestigious universities offering Translation Studies; Ivy League university, Yale, and one of the foremost academic institutions of […]

Translators, Meet Python: Most Popular Programming Language for Student Linguists – via

The first module of the University of Zurich’s Certificate in Advanced Studies in Translation Technology and AI starts with Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) and Basic Programming, with Python being the favored […]

Is TensorFlow ‘for Boomers’? PyTorch May Gain More Ground in Machine Translation – via

PyTorch, the open source framework used to build machine learning models, including those used for machine translation, released its newest version, 1.8, on March 4, 2021. According to PyTorch’s official […]