EA Workshop 2021 cancelled

Dear colleagues,

Even though the spoilery email subject already gives it away, I unfortunately have to confirm that this year’s GloW EA workshop is cancelled.

Cristina and I decided early on that the event format for Connecting the Dots would be a lot more interactive than before – collaborative and practical – a workshop in the truest sense. In order to support the group dynamics we had in mind enough participants would have to sign up of course, and were hoping we would end up with a similar number like last year’s event. This didn’t work out unfortunately with a signup turnout much lower than anticipated.
There could be a variety of reasons for it – the easing of COVID restrictions + everyone at last enjoying summer again, a general virtual event fatigue and probably first and foremost the short-notice announcement of the date (which is fully my bad, as I
had a hard time finishing the event page).
At any rate, since we really like the concept but want you to have the best possible experience with it, we decided to put it onto the back burner for now in the hope that we will be able to put it into action next year – hopefully ending with us having a refreshing EA Kölsch at gamescom!

A bunch of you DID sign up however, the majority even for both days! I think it would be a waste not to answer this interest in the l10n discourse with something, so here is what we’re gonna do:

On Wednesday 25th of August (which would have been Day II of Connect the Dots), from 5-7pm we will have a digital gathering for anyone interested in the form of Loclab Afterhour, which was actually scheduled to take place for the first time after the workshop. The idea of the Afterhour is to have a regular digital Stammtisch providing a casual industry meetup opportunity similar to the Zoom hangouts that often occur after virtual conferences. My idea was to give each Afterhour an initial thematic hook which participants could then discuss or ignore and just let the conversation flow naturally.
On top of all, the whole thing is set up as Gather town instance, which I know many of you already enjoyed using as part of other digital events and I think is more than fitting given the video-game backdrop.

I took the freedom to move everyone who signed up for Day II of Connect the Dots into the Afterhour event taking its time slot. Of course, please don’t hesitate to cancel your participation or sign up for it now – this party will take place irrespective of sign-up numbers 😉

Please ping me on Slack or via mail in case you have any questions!

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