GloW Newsletter July 2021

Dear colleagues, I hope you are all doing splendid. It has been terribly long since I got the word out for our workshop, but for the past 3 years there was no gamescom week without it – and this one shall be no different! As usual, the event is hosted by EA and organized by Cristina and myself – yet inevitably still in its virtual workaround format. Last year was all about looking ahead, learning about new opportunities and discussing next steps. So for this year’s motto we thought, what would be better to find out how we can make the most of all these different workflows and tools than…     This two day workshop aims at defining the ultimate team and tool set up for our localization needs. We will have the chance to learn from each other and collaborate to shape the ideal environment to ensure great teamwork and most advanced technology in place. It is split into two different tracks, “People” on the 24th and “Tools” on the 25th, with each featuring thematically related workshop discussions and group sessions. This time, participants are free to decide if they want to attend only the first, the second or both days. In any case, you will need to register for your choice. Some of you already know that the workshop website has moved to its new home here on The page is supposed to become a hub for a couple of other ideas discussing localization from a different angle, similar to GloW. Since I promised Cristina to keep it short though, this will have to wait for another Newsletter, but beware that there are still a lot of unfinished areas. If you are interested in taking part in the event, registrations are now open. Because of data safety reasons, I didn’t migrate your user accounts from the old website and you will need to create new ones. No worries, it just takes a few seconds. If you encounter any technical issues, you can contact me via the support form in the top menu or on Slack! Cristina and I are excited to end GloW’s hiatus and finally talk to you again soon! Sincerely, Daniel