Wow, a bit heavy on the subtitle/slogan front right? Well, I couldn't agree more. However, for now it is the most concise way I was able to come up with to illustrate the intention of this page. While I work on something more catchy, here are are some guiding questions that will help you to easily determine whether Loclab is for you: Have you ever returned from a localization conference and realized that...

  • …you collected the most valuable knowledge during coffee/cigarette brakes when talking to your peers?
  • …apparently everyone found the answers for all the major challenges you are struggling with in your day-to-day work?
  • …the persistent buyer/seller dynamic that inevitably seems to curate the contents of the event makes it difficult for you to select the best possible solution for your project?
  • …you wish you had a more immediate way to interact and examine presentation contents together with your peers?

If you were able to relate to these musings, congratulations! No worries - you are not alone and Loclab is just the right place for you. As it turns out, you share your concerns with a large number of your fellow conference visitors who are trying to maintain an unfiltered understanding on the current best or most suitable solutions, services and processes.


6 years ago, the demand for an independent discussion forum encouragee me to create the Game Localization Workshop, a recurring day-long event series hosted by game publishers & developers themselves, consciously secluded from any client/customer dynamic.

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