Interpreters Unlimited Named Top 35 Largest Interpreting Service Provider (

SAN DIEGO, October 7, 2021 — Interpreters Unlimited (IU) has been named to the Top 35 Largest Interpreting Service Providers List (Worldwide) by Nimdzi. Nimdzi is a market research and international consulting company with an […]

Refugee Crisis Calls for More Pashto, Dari Interpreters (

Organizations providing aid to Afghan refugees across the United States are struggling to keep up with the demand for language services for the recent influx of Afghans fleeing their home […]

UK Ministry of Defence Leaks Afghan Interpreters’ Identities (

A recent blunder by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence could have sever implications for Afghan interpreters seeking asylum in light of the recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. In an […]

Fake Interpreters, Fake LinkedIn Profiles, SlatorCon Highlights (

First up, Florian and Esther share key takeaways from SlatorCon Remote, which hosted 13 guest speakers and drew in over 300 attendees. Esther talks about the Video Localization panel, where […]

Advocating for Interpreters in Afghanistan With Red T Spokesperson Rebecca Petras (

Rebecca Petras, Spokesperson for non-profit Red T, joins SlatorPod to bring awareness to their advocacy for the protection of translators and interpreters in high-risk settings. Rebecca shares details of her […]

Déjà Vu for US Translators, Interpreters Up Against Potentially Disruptive PRO Act (

US translators and interpreters (T&Is), once again, find themselves defending their right to freelance as the country’s legislators consider a new, potentially disruptive bill: the PRO Act. The acronym stands […]

Interpreters Wonder How to Charge for Recorded Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) exploded during the Covid pandemic after meetings and conferences were forced to go virtual. Clients flocked to RSI providers sooner than they might have otherwise, and […]

BSL Interpreters at COVID Briefings are a Must, Judge Finds (

Two separate COVID-19 briefings in England were retroactively found to have excluded deaf individuals in the country, as the government did not provide a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter for […]

Norway Tenders Out USD 47m Interpreting Framework Agreement (

Norway’s Labor and Welfare Authority (NAV) has started its search for interpretation providers for a framework agreement worth an estimated  EUR 40m (NOK 417m). Providers have until August 18, 2021 […]

Los Angeles Terminates Telework for Interpreters; Union Up in Arms (

Court interpreters in Los Angeles County, California have been asked to return to on-site work. The California Federation of Interpreters (CFI), a workers union, said on its website that some […]