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September saw media localization provider ZOO Digital recap company highlights from their 2021 financial year in an AGM and trading update for investors. The company increased revenue by 33%, invested […]

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A couple of stories stood out in Slator’s coverage of M&A and Funding news this summer amid all the consolidation and SaaS investment news. First, was Israel-based language service provider […]

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Hiring activity in the global language industry is at an all-time high, even surpassing pre-pandemic levels, as evidenced by the latest Slator Language Industry Job Index (LIJI). After hitting a […]

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The first day of July brought news that the Slator Language Industry Job Index (LIJI) had reached its highest-ever level since it was launched in 2018 to monitor hiring activity […]

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Slator’s Academia section came alive this spring and summer with news of two prestigious universities offering Translation Studies; Ivy League university, Yale, and one of the foremost academic institutions of […]

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Slator has published more stories on speech synthesis in the past half-year than over the period since the website launched in 2015 until Covid. Speech synthesis and its various use […]

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Let’s start with the good news. There are many open roles and language service providers (LSPs) and localization teams are hiring aggressively, according to the majority (43.2%) of respondents to […]

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Big Tech has been amply represented in machine translation news over the past four months. Amazon launched live translation for Alexa. Google improved the UX for live speech translation by […]