Impact of Machine Translation Quality on Post-Editing Speed “Difficult to Discern,” Research Finds (

As machine translation (MT) quality for major language pairs has improved, MT has moved from the ivory tower to become industry standard. For some language service providers (LSPs), adopting MT […]

Sally Rooney Rejects Hebrew Translation, Debate Ensues (

Irish novelist Sally Rooney sparked controversy earlier this week over her explanation of why she recently refused to sell the Hebrew translation rights of her latest novel, Beautiful World, Where […]

On XTRF and Scaling a Translation Management System with Andrzej Nedoma (

Andrzej Nedoma, Co-founder and CEO of XTRF, joins SlatorPod to discuss the journey of the translation management system (TMS), from stepping out on his own to teaming up with private […]

Facebook AI’s SOTA Speech Translation Models Go Against Grain (

Speech-to-speech translation (S2ST) has become somewhat of a buzzword in the language industry, perhaps to the detriment of speech-to-text translation (STT). S2ST completely bypasses the step of transcribing audio and […]

Life Sciences Translation Provider Conversis Buys Niche Specialist Zebra (

Two life sciences translation specialists have joined forces in the UK, as boutique language service provider (LSP) Conversis acquired local rival Zebra Translations on September 30, 2021. Founded in 2003, […]

Squid Game smashes barriers and records, highlights importance of translation (

Squid Game, the blood-spattered, dystopian South Korean critique of modern capitalism from Netflix, is set to become the streaming platform’s most watched series in any language. Taking the world by […]

Things we can learn from Saint Jerome on International Translation Day (

While International Translation Day (ITD) on September 30 has become a well-known fixture on the rotation of our annual translation calendar, it’s a relatively modern idea. ITD was officially established […]

Guess Which Language Pair Emits the Most Carbon in Machine Translation (

A new benchmark for machine translation (MT) has emerged and, for once, it has very little to do with translation quality. The CodeCarbon package was used by researchers in India […]

This Is How Automatic Speech Recognition & Machine Translation Are Revolutionizing Subtitling (

Subtitling has relied on template-based workflows for more than two decades. The use of templates (a.k.a. subtitle files) has been called “one of the greatest innovations in the subtitling industry […]

Zoom Opts for Speech-to-Text in New Transcription and Translation Features (

Zoom has unveiled plans to introduce live, multi-language transcription and translation for calls. The news was announced at the virtual meeting platform’s annual Zoomtopia conference on September 13, 2021. Other […]