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This Week in the News | July 2, 2021

Memsource Launches New Quality Assessment Features

The Prague-based language service provider Memsource announced June 30 that it has added a series of language quality assessment (LQA) features to its translation management system. The new LQA features include customizable LQA profiles, and the ability for clients to implement pass/ fail thresholds according to their individual quality standards.

Pairaphrase Launches New Speech Translation App

Pairaphrase recently launched a new web-based tool for mobile use — the tool is a speech-to-speech translation app, which transcribes live speech to text. When users use the translation feature, the text is automatically converted to speech in the target language.

Former Localization Executive at Netflix Joins KIWA Digital

Chris Fetner, the former head of localization vendor strategy at Netflix, has joined KIWA Digital, a New Zealand-based company known for its VoiceQ software, which is specially designed for dubbing film and television, according to a recent announcement from the company. Fetner is also the executive director of the Entertainment Globalization Association, and was involved with the launch of Netflix in 190 different countries, covering content in 27 different languages. 

Lionbridge Announces Acquisition of Rocket Sound

Lionbridge, a Massachusetts-based company which specializes in globalization for the video games industry, announced on June 30 that it has acquired Rocket Sound, a Los Angeles-based sound services company. The two companies had worked closely on projects before, and when Lionbridge first began to explore the option of developing in-house audio localization solutions, Lionbridge’s managing director said Rocket Sound was the company’s first choice.

United Language Group Announces New Chief Executive Officer

The United Language Group announced that its current chief executive officer (CEO), Kristen Giovanis, has made the decision to step down from the role and taking on the role of president. In Giovanis’ place, Nic McMahon has taken over as CEO, effective as of July 1. Giovanis was CEO of the United Language Group for about five years, after stepping into the role in 2016, when the United Language Group acquired KJ International Resources, which Giovanis co-founded and served as CEO of for more than 20 years.

Guildhawk Announces Partnership with Gammon Construction

Guildhawk, a language service consultancy, has announced that it is partnering with Gammon Construction, a Hong Kong-based company specializing in civil engineering and architecture, as well as interior works and design, among other specialties.

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Weekly Shorts

This Week in the News | June 25, 2021

ELIA Welcomes New Board Members

On June 23, the European Language Industry Association (ELIA) announced its new board for the 2021-2023 term. Diego Cresceri and Geert Vanderhaeghe will remain on the board for a second term, while Indrė Lelevičienė (of Lithuania’s Baltijos Vertimai) and Lucia Tiago-Stankovic (of Portugal-based LinguaeMundi). The two outgoing members of the board are Clio Schils and Susana Peixoto.

Activist Investor Bill Ackman Uses KUDO’s Platform

Bill Ackman, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Pershing Square Capital Management recently used KUDO’s multilingual conference platform to announce Pershing Square Tontine Holdings’ $4 billion acquisition of 10% of the ordinary shares of Universal Music Group. Ackman’s presentation was able to be hosted in 11 different languages, thanks to KUDO’s remote interpreting services.

Simon Fraser University Honors Indigenous Language Speakers

In partnership with the Yukon Native Language Center and the Council of Yukon First Nations,  Simon Fraser University’s Indigenous Languages Program has recently honored eight graduates of the language proficiency certificate and 13 fluent speakers of Yukon First Nations languages. The move shows strong support for the development and revitalization of First Nations languages like Southern Tutchone and Hän in the province of British Columbia, where the university is based.

Tulu Speakers Demand Official Status in India

A recent social media campaign demanding for official language status for Tulu in India has gained some traction throughout the country as the hashtag #EducationinTulu trended on Twitter. Tulu is a language spoken by 1.8 million people in Karnataka, India and has historically been misrepresented in the countryin an effort to preserve the vulnerable language and the identity of its speakers, about 400,000 posts were made on social media to encourage the Indian government to recognize the language officially alongside the other 22 languages with official status in the country.

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This Week in the News | June 18, 2021

Keywords Studios’ Chief Executive Steps Down

After announcing his leave of absence back in March, Keywords’ Studios’ chief executive officer (CEO), Andrew Day has decided to step down from his position entirely, following a health scare. He will be succeeded in his role by board members John Hauck and Sonia Sedler, who will serve as joint interim CEOs while Keywords Studios searches for a new candidate to take over and step into the role for the long-term future.

lexiQA Announces its New Connector for Memsource

lexiQA, an API-based quality control technology, now has a connector for Memsource, in the form of a Chrome extension or Firefox add-on. The connector has a feature called “QA-as-you-type” which allows users to get feedback and make revisions to content in real time, streamlining the process of quality control; it can also adapt to internal style guides that are unique to each client.

Voices to Offer Translation Services on Platform

Voices, an online marketplace for freelancers and contractors who work in audio-based fields (i.e., voice acting, music composition, etc.) to seek out gigs, has recently announced the expansion of its platform, which will now include translation services. Translators can join the marketplace to scope out new projects, and companies in need of translation services can post listings on the platform.

Language I/O Launches Multilingual Chatbot Service

The Cheyenne, Wyoming based language service provider Language I/O announced earlier this week that it has developed a multilingual chatbot service for Salesforce. The chatbot features more than 100 languages and can be used to help global companies easily communicate with customers in their native language.

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